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CrampEase is the only product on the market containing the combination of all four salts required for cramp prevention and relief.

Our starting point is always to either innovate a new product onto the market, or to find the best product in its category and look for ways to improve upon it and bring the new, improved formula to market, making sure we stay ahead of all the ailments and conditions of modern life/living.

“We take the best of the market, improve upon it and release a superior product.”

Our driving passion? To bring these improved offerings to South African families at a price that is reasonable, transparent and fair to everyone who needs them.

Our Product Range

CrampEase Capsules

CrampEase Night

CrampEase Gel

CrampEase Oral Spray

CrampEase Fizzy

CrampEase Fizzy Strawberry

Crampease Fizzy Strawberry